You will most likely find Zoe sat in her workshop pondering new designs or making something with those creative hands of hers, no-doubt fuelled by copious amounts of sweets and herbal teas.


She's inspired by all things creative, whether it’s a shop window display, running fingers over different textures and papers or perhaps things she has found or picked up whilst out and about.


Zoe is at her happiest when out for walks in the fresh country air with her favourite people (you know who you are) and the sun beaming down on her face.

Meet the maker.

Inspired by all things creative, a shop window display or perhaps something found whilst out and about.

She has a love of spicy food and a secret wish to play the piano, however her ultimate bugbear is people

that walk slow – beware!


Scorpio-born, her greatest strengths are her determination, passion and motivation. Scorpios don't know the word

quit, which is why they usually get the job done. Never sitting  still and in one spot for too long you could

say she is a powerhouse like no other!

What's in the

name ?

We'll give you a hint. It starts as a love story.

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