(rahyn-hold) noun


A German, Scandinavian surname and male given name, generally identified by their headstrong nature, great determination and creativity, making them excellent leaders.



(heizal) noun


A female given name, a shrub or small tree that produces nuts that can be eaten, a reddish-brown or greenish-brown colour, especially of a person’s eyes.

A love story

As true love stories go Reinhold + Hazël fell in love way back in 1947. After the war Reinhold was enlisted in

the Polish resettlement army in England and later found work as a stoker.


He met Hazel whilst she was working as a domestic servant and they set up home and family life in the small village of Bromham for the next 57 years.


Because of the huge admiration Zoe has of her grandparents love lasting a life-time, it seemed only fair that

their love story carried on in some way, perfectly fitting (she thinks) and that is how Reinhold + Hazël Creative was born.


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